Routes on Indian Creek

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We like Indian Creek

Really cool place and probably some of the best Trad in the country. I would have liked it more if I didn't have the flu when I was there. I got 3 climbs in and then proceeded to curl up in a ball in my tent for the remaining 4 days we were there. So I need to go back and check the place out properly.
Splittery Bliss. Perfect verticle lines of glory. A smooth face of deep red sandstone with nothing but the creativity of your body to fill the void we call the crack. Love. This is what Indian Creek is to me. THE crack climbing mecca. #2s for days and a smile that won't go away for months. Dig it? This is the Creek...this is where I truly fell in love with climbing and I can't wait to go back..."we're jammin', I hope you like jammin' too, we're jammin', And I wanna jam it wid you" :)
Most amazing Crack Climbing Ever.

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