Central Happiness
  1. Castrate Your Television, Boulder, V1
  2. Weapons of Mass Distraction, Boulder, V5
  3. The Vulcan Traverse, Boulder, V5
  4. Disco Tramp, Boulder, V7
  5. Disco Diva, Boulder, V8
  6. Disco Hulk, Boulder, V9
  7. The Hulk
    , Boulder, V6
  8. Prozac
    , Boulder, V9
  9. Big Chicken, Boulder, V1+
Central Happiness
  1. Beam Me Up Scottie, Boulder, V1+
  2. Solarium
    , Boulder, V3
  3. Western Round Up, Boulder, V1

Routes that have not yet been drawn on a topo image

X-Static, Boulder, V0-
Jugs of Life, Boulder, V1
Indecision, Boulder, V0+
Jolly Beggar, Boulder, V0
, Boulder, V7
Redrum Sit
, Boulder, V10
The Shining, Boulder, V9
The Shining Sit, Boulder, V11
Fodder, Boulder, V0+
Heart of Darkness, Boulder, V1
Barbi on the Rim, Boulder, V1
Big Chicken
, Boulder, V4

Routes that have not yet been attached to a sector

Froz, Boulder, V7
Rheinstor, Boulder, V5+
Rene, Boulder, V5
, Boulder, V8
, Boulder, V9
Toxic Avenger
, Boulder, V10
Low Rider
, Boulder, V10
Biohazard, Boulder, V9
Every Color You Are
, Boulder, V5+
Mr. Witty
, Boulder, V6
Action Figure, Boulder, V5+
Groundwater, Boulder, V5
, Boulder, V8
Black Magic
, Boulder, V3+
Heavenly Path, Boulder, V1
Monkey Hang, Boulder, V3
Beef Tumor, Boulder, V3
Beef Tumor Right, Boulder, V4
Bubba Butt Buster
, Boulder, V11
Hand to Hand Combat, Boulder, V6
Dunno, Boulder, V6
Dance the Night Away, Boulder, V9
Captain Hook, Boulder, V5
Mr. Happy, Boulder, V5
Big City Boy
, Boulder, V6
Little Country Girl, Boulder, V6
Gang Related, Boulder, V8
Poppachubby, Boulder, V7
SafeSurfer, Boulder, V4+
Rio's Secret Arete, Boulder, V2
Grindrite, Boulder, V2
Cue ball, Boulder, V3+
Will's Arete , Boulder, V5
Less Poetry Please, Boulder, V8
Sabersonic, Boulder, V7
Super Froz, Boulder, V9
Which Road, Boulder, VB
Donkey Boy, Boulder, V0+
Comfort of Home, Boulder, V2
Cheap New Age Fix, Boulder, V2
Grotesque Old Woman, Boulder, V7
Grindrite SDS
, Boulder, V10
Son Of Claudius Rufus, Boulder, V5
Bubba Gets Commited , Boulder, V10
Sabres of Paradise , Boulder, V6
Action Jackson, Boulder, V10
Therapy, Boulder, V8
Human Contra-ban, Boulder, V10
He Got Game (right), Boulder, V11
Bubba the Legend
, Boulder, V11
Hair Trigger, Boulder, V5
Mr. Happy Extended, Boulder, V7
Action Figure, Boulder, V6
He Got Game, Boulder, V11
Bubba lobotomy, Boulder, V12
Browning Variation, Boulder, V4+
Totty Traverse, Boulder, V1+
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