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We like French's Dome

French's is a great little crag. 20 or so routes all bolted. Starting with an easy 5.6 that goes all the way to the top, providing a beautiful view of Mt. Hood and a fun free hanging rappel. There's also some tough stuff too: 5.12b/c. There aren't too many routes in the 5.9-10 range, but I guess that's more reason to push into the 11's, right? At about an hour+ from downtown this is a great place to go for a day trip.
This is a fun dome, and was the first place I ever climber outdoors, but doesn't actually have that many routes around the same difficulty; it's easy to exhaust the routes you can do in two days.
French's Dome is in the area of Portland, OR. The dome is located about 5 min off of the main Hwy, followed by a less than 2min hike to the crag, which is awesome! The Basalt rock towers in the forested trees, coming out of nowhere. The rock has a soft touch to it, which is nice for the fingers, but not nice for the falling, loose rock. Routes range from 5.6 to 5.14, but the grades are rated a little harder than they actually are. There is a limited guide book for the area, but you can figure out grades by simply looking at the routes. An easy multi-pitch route takes you to the top of the rock pile, where a beautiful view of Mt. Hood and the surrounding mountains can be seen. This is a great place to meet climbers, as the climbing is condensed, and each route is close to each other. This is also a great place to be able to warm up on easy routes, walk ten feet, and work your project. A great local area!

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