Trick Arete
  1. Highball Wall, Boulder, V0+
  2. Trick Arete, Boulder, V3+
  3. Boulder problem #2, Boulder, V3+
  4. Boulder problem #3, Boulder, V4+

Routes that have not yet been attached to a sector

Erasor Slab, Boulder, V1
Pedestal Rib, Boulder, V1
Grey Wall, Boulder, V2
Green Rib, Boulder, V3+
Desert Island Arete, Boulder, V5+
Rat Au Vin, Boulder, V2
Ethanoic, Boulder, V2
Osborne's Overhang, Boulder, V4+
Australia Roof, Boulder, V3+
Blind Pew, Boulder, V5
Back in Black, Boulder, V7
Feel the Burn, Boulder, V10
Hanging Arete, Boulder, V5
Cobalt Blue, Boulder, V5+

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