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Imothep, 8a
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Nils Favre over 3 years ago.
Jonathan Linné Ryn over 5 years ago.

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Michele Caminati
Red point
all alone... happy to be survived. The best in Cuvier!!!
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Anthony Gullsten
Red point
Certainly one of the most amazing rock climbs in the forest! One of a kind!
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Tarjei Hamre
Red point
FANTASTIC! SO HAPPY! This was a new experience in climbing for me. I can not think of any other climb where i fought so hard on the send. Tried it for the first time today. I felt very close after falling in the top quite a few times. And i felt strong. Figured I needed a rest, so I went to spot my buddy. When I came back I felt SO weak. Couldn't even do the first moves. But when i got to the top moves again, I fought. I fought SO MUCH! Holding the topjug and not beeing able to even pull my body up. I was exhausted. But success came to me. One of the best problems I have ever done.
Small 83c4637c89d5
Nils Favre
Red point
So bad condition, completely in the sun, more than 20degrees, big challenge. An absolute classic, one of the best of the forest.
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Miguel Navarro
Red point
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Stefan Andersson
Red point

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