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Kirk Windstein, 5.13b
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2017-01-09: V12 => V11
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Nils Favre
Nils Favre over 4 years ago.
Freak brothers, schule des Lebens, miss schweiz, kirk wind stein, jungle book etc..
Jani Lehtola over 5 years ago.

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Ascents from public tick lists

Small 2f0fee85e5bd
David Graham
Red point
2 tries, 8A or 8A+
Small b321e810c3e5
Michele Caminati
Red point
W.O.W. 8a/8a+
Small 935ddac0d480
Daniel Woods
Red point
One of the best, perfect incuts to a scary crux at the top.
Small 9b2af7dc6584
Anthony Gullsten
Red point
Such a great line!! Sharp though... :P
Small 15c5b349aab2
Paul Robinson
Red point
3rd go. very nice! sharp though
Small 1973e69ecd7f
Jani Lehtola
Red point
One of the best! should've done it 1st try when the flow was on, but it needed some 8 tries more. Quite similar but maybe a bit easier than no man's land assis in Pyhäntä