Choppingsenteret is located right inside the edge of the forest line, and has a short approach walk of only a few minutes. A predominantly vertical wall with fine grained rock, the climbing is friendly on the skin and a good choice for a quick session. Here, many have climbed their first 6a+ called Rema 1000, or fought the lactic acid on the classic Toy Roy (7b) or Prisfall (6c).

The climbing is what you would expect from a vertical wall, with crimpers, ledges, and slots. Many of the routes have slightly overhanging parts.

The crag is partly located in the shade, and humidity is relatively low. Thus, the wall stays cool on warm and sunny days, but in exchange remains wet the day after a rainfall.

Choppingsenteret is generally considered OK for children and families, but keep in mind that the approach walk includes a stretch of 50 meters of unfriendly terrain, and the area in front of the wall is sloping downhill.


Choppingsenteret was discovered in 1996 by Roy W. Norborg, and most of the lines were bolted the next year. More lines were bolted in the following years, with the latest in 2007 by Tobias Brodahl and Ole Karsten Birkeland.