Castle rock Santa Cruz, CA

in the area of Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Indian rock(boulders)
  1. Static Reach, Boulder, V8
Indian rock(boulders)
  1. Clam Digger, Boulder, V8
    aka Clam Traverse. Start as Clam and traverse the lip to far left.
  2. The Clam, Boulder, V3+
Indian rock(boulders)
  1. Santa Cruz Dude, Boulder, V3
Indian rock(boulders)
  1. Dark side of the moon, Boulder, V7
  2. Right Hand Indian Man, Boulder, V6

Routes that have not yet been drawn on a topo image

Sharma's Arete, Boulder, V10
Classic, Boulder, V3
Asian Invasion, Boulder, V7

Routes that have not yet been attached to a sector

There Will Be Bugs, Boulder, V4
Deadline , Sport, 5.13d
Crank it, Sport, 5.13d
Right Hand Man , Boulder, V6
Picasso, Boulder, V3
Humpty Dumpty, Boulder, V4
Death Traverse, Boulder, V5
Putrefaction, Sport, 5.11a
Al Hussein, Sport, 5.10d
Plat-A-Pussy, Sport, 5.10a
Degeneration, Boulder, V7
E.R Experience, Boulder, V8
E.R right, Boulder, V6
Monster Drool Stand, Boulder, V6
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