An area a bit spread out but coming to lines, one can just be amazed. There are plenty of high class boulders. The areas Rocher Grises and Oranges are around the blue path SB4, and just walking along this path is an experience. The boulders come with 50 meters apart and almost every time the boulders look amazing. Grises is for sure the most visited area, but don't be fooled. Oranges has some of the most orange colored features you can witness in Fontainebleau. And even the hike to the far end is only 1.2km. The rock quality is mostly really good.

Some remarkable super gems:

Bleu sacre 8B
Sacrebleu 8A
Triple and Double axel 7B/A+
Plein ciel (6C - 7A)
Cent Pofs et Sans Reproche 7C
Pince-Genoux assis 7C
Hue 7C
Le Baroudeur 6C-7A
Perle Rare 6C
La niche 6C
Get on Up 7C
Nicotine 7A+
Lucie forever 7A
Magma 6B

The list goes on and there might be some new gems coming up soon.

Mark this is a must visit area for your next trip. The reception in the area varias from 4G+ to nothing, so it's recommendable to download the guide in forehand for offline use.

There are some unknown new ones to be added soon. Check for updates.