Suckers Wall
The Pinch, V4+
A reachy start on good edges trends right up to the pinch - squeeze hard and gain a high foot to rock onto and gain the top.
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Steve Smithson
Red point
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Nick Bradley
Red point
Nemesis down!!! Tried this on at least three separate visits and could never stick the last move, either the pinch went or I didn't trust the foot. All came together first go today, felt easy! Great problem.
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Sam Mawson
Red point
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Oliver Parkinson
Red point
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Rob Calver
Red point
Took 25 years of trying - on and off, mostly off. Finally nailed it!
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Steve Milbourne
Red point
Ace! Worked this in the summer and couldn’t touch the top, went in 4 goes today with lower foot beta

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