Cabrerizo Albarracín
This area has it all with a very short approach. Classical roofs like Techo don Pepo, super hard lines for pro's, hard mantels and easy warm ups. Also the entire upper part excluding Saltimbanqui and down the valley is very family friendly. Down the valley is mostly filled with very hard and high lines, but is very cool and shady for a warmer day. Also there is a lot of chalk marks down the valley, so there are plenty of more lines there to be re-opened.

Some extraordinary super lines here would be:
Techo don Pepo 7A
Palpant 7B+
Saltimbanqui 7B
Valkiria 8B+
Anam 8B
La ley de la barra 6B
La Rodilla de Luxor 6A
Método Bizarro 6C

and of course for some fun times with friends, give El cocodrilo some goes.

Please respect the No climbing area signs.


Albarracín is the Spanish Fontainebleau. The red colored sandstones offers good roof problems, slabs and overhangs in over 10 sectors. There is enormous potential to open new routes, but it is very important, that the local rules are obeyed.


Climbing has been limited in Albarracín area due the bird nesting and protecting the nature. Most sectors are open, but the following sectors are closed since 2014 (Climbing is FORBIDDEN ALL YEAR AROUND in these sectors):

upper part of Valle de Madera
Anywhere within 30 m of the road or rock paintings.
The aim of the restriction is to protect the natural bird nesting areas. These restrictions have been placed cause some climbers did not respect the nesting periods, that had been placed before. It is important that everybody respects 100% the prohibition in order to keep these areas safe and quiet. Following these rules is also important, so that there wouldn’t come more restrictions and bouldering in Albarracín would be possible also in the future.

These are the all year around open sectors on their own crag pages:

PARKING - The closest area to the main parking with many classic problems

CABRERIZO - Closest area to cabrerizo parking and has many new developed lines down the chilly valley

ARRASTRADERO - The biggest area around

TECHOS - big area with a lot of roofs and possibilities to climb when raining

LA FUENTE - nice outspread area with something for everyone close to the parking

CHAMPIÑONES - Next to La fuente a small area filled with small rock mushrooms

ENTRE AGUAS - A small shady area close to the main parking

TIERRA MEDIA - The probably longest hike but an awesome big and compact area

ENTRE TIERRAS - A hike away you will find this area with mostly small boulders but a few really nice lines and some open projects

MEZQUITA / COLMENAS - a shady area with some classic hard lines

LOMA DE LA TEJERIA - Did it snow? This might be a solution, a new area close to the village on lower altitude

VALLE DE LA MADERA - There are many classic nice lines here, usually a quiet area

PINTURAS - There is one great reason to walk here!

Follow also the normal access rules:

-Park at parkings showed on 27crags
-Don't block any roads/passages with your vehicle.
-Don't leave any trash behind you and bury all your human waste.
-Respect the nature
-Brush away tickmarks and excessive chalk
-Don't climb with lights or when it's getting dark or before sun rise.
-Use only recognized paths.
-Don't make fires.
-Keep your dog on a leash and collect the dog waste


On the A 23 from Zaragoza towards Teruel. Take the exit 131 and continue to Cella. Keep to the left there towards Gea de Albarracín to the juction with the A-1512. Turn to the right here and continue via Gea de Albarracín to Albarracín.