Regarding the access in the area there are multiple ways to get to Brătilești.

From Bucharest:
1. If you are not used with the balkan roads, or have a city car, the best way to get to the boulders would by taking the longer road trip, that
goes from Buzău to LOPĂTARI and then Plaiul Nucului, and then to the parking spots. The trip would be 30 min longer as you cross more
populated villages but on good roads. You should be careful only for the last TEN km that are more or less dirt roads.
2. Bucharest -->Ploiesti-->Gura Teghii--> dirt road 10km-->Mt. Ivanetu (during and right after winter might not be accessible due to snow).
Duration: 3h30min. Best quality of the road.
3, Other variant from Buzău, is taking Măgura, Pârscov, Brăiești and then Brătilești. These are mostly patched roads and you should be careful
since there are also some (longer) parts of dirt roads. Fastest time but might damage your car.

From Brașov:
1. There is also the above variant from Măgura, but the quickest one would be through Gura Teghii and then Ivănețu, but during winter the
final kilometers of this road might be closed due to abundant snow.

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