Routes that have not yet been drawn on a topo image

Midnight Express
, Boulder, V14
Free Range
, Boulder, V13
The Citadel, Boulder, V8
, Boulder, V10
Surface Tension, Boulder, V10
Cage Free
, Boulder, V11
Ripcord, Sport, 5.12a
Free Fall, Sport, 5.12a
Standard Bulge
, Boulder, V5
Replacement Killers
, Boulder, V10
Strange Science, Sport, 5.11d
Soft Boiled, Boulder, V8
Hard Boiled Left, Boulder, V11
Chairman of the board, Sport, 5.11d
The devil, Sport, 5.11d
The clipboard, Sport, 5.11b

Routes that have not yet been attached to a sector

Fields Problem, Boulder, V7
, Boulder, V10
, Boulder, V10
Freak Brothers II
, Boulder, V10
Freak Accident, Boulder, V12
The Hug
, Boulder, V11
The Borg, Sport, 5.13c
Rumors of Glory, Sport, 5.13b
Sinopia, Sport, 5.13a
Cat Woman, Sport, 5.13a
Work It On Out, Sport, 5.12d
Gyro Captain, Sport, 5.12c
The Penguin, Sport, 5.12c
Dampened Enthusiasm, Sport, 5.12a
Red Badger, Sport, 5.11d
Regular Route, Traditional, 5.11c
The Hug Right
, Boulder, V11
Left Graham Arête
, Boulder, V11
Free Willie, Sport, 5.11b
Robbin' the Hood, Sport, 5.11d
Nevermore, Sport, 5.13a
Lucid Dreaming, Sport, 5.12d
Tell Tale Heart, Sport, 5.12b
Jolt Cola, Sport, 5.12a
Hypertension, Sport, 5.12a
Days of Future Passed, Sport, 5.12a
Animal Riots Activist, Sport, 5.12a
Linking Logs, Sport, 5.11d
Elanor, Sport, 5.11d
The Hug Left, Boulder, V9
, Boulder, V11
The Amendment 
, Boulder, V10
Random, Boulder, V9
Standard route, Sport, 5.9
Boy's world, Traditional, 5.9
Pup, Sport, 5.10a
Bolt cola, Sport, 5.10a
Mr Sandman, Sport, 5.10b
Chore boy, Sport, 5.10c
Drop zone, Sport, 5.10c
AAA arete, Sport, 5.10c
Snooze button, Sport, 5.10d
Golden slumber, Partially bolted, 5.10d
Daily grind, Sport, 5.11a
The scientist , Sport, 5.11b
Led astray, Sport, 5.11b
Joint venture , Sport, 5.11b
Sleepless in boulder, Sport, 5.11c
Cold shot, Sport, 5.11c
Rush hour, Sport, 5.11c
Crash test blondes, Sport, 5.11c
Orange crush , Sport, 5.11c
Bobsled , Sport, 5.11d
The Host, Sport, 5.11d
Elenor, Sport, 5.11d
A Tall Cool One , Sport, 5.12a
Just a Little Insecure, Sport, 5.12a
Hot flyer , Sport, 5.12a
Bull fight, Sport, 5.12a
Plan B, Sport, 5.12b
Piles of Trials , Sport, 5.12b
Lucky Strikes, Sport, 5.12a
Joy Ride, Sport, 5.12b
Mercy Drilling, Sport, 5.12a
New Fanatic, Sport, 5.12a
Sword in the Stone, Sport, 5.9
Birthday Suit, Sport, 5.10d
Au Natural, Sport, 5.10a
New Lease on Life, Sport, 5.10a
Sea Breeze, Sport, 5.11c
Splash, Partially bolted, 5.9
Le Nouveau Riche, Sport, 5.10c
The Headless Horseman, Boulder, V10
The Owl, Traditional, 5.9
Flash Dihedral, Traditional, 5.9
Direct, Traditional, 5.11a
Amazing Face, Sport, 5.12c
Right Graham Arete 
, Boulder, V10
Knappweed Herbacide, Sport, 5.10b
Dark Knight, Sport, 5.11d
The Riddler, Sport, 5.11c
Buried Treasure, Sport, 5.9
Empor, Traditional, 5.7
Mists of Avalon, Sport, 5.10a
Staying Alive, Sport, 5.10a
Lust, Sport, 5.10c
North Face Center, Traditional, 5.7
Van Dammage, Sport, 5.13b
Hands of Destiny , Sport, 5.12d
Pinche Guye, Sport, 5.12c
Warf Factor , Sport, 5.12b
Whippin Post, Sport, 5.12b
Our Future Has Passed, Sport, 5.12a
Sundog, Sport, 5.12a
Tese, Sport, 5.10a
Eagle hardware, Sport, 5.11c
Animal magnetism, Sport, 5.11b
The Tower, Sport, 5.10a
Barrio Cave Problem, Boulder, V9
The line that starts a quater of the way into The Barrio and exits straight out through the right hand crimp.
No Doze, Sport, 5.12c
Owl on the Prowl, Sport, 5.11c
Butt Luscious, Sport, 5.12a
Jolly Jug, Sport, 5.12b
The Big Dipper, Sport, 5.11b
Three Little Pigs, Sport, 5.11c
East of the sun, Traditional, 5.7
East crack, Traditional, 5.6
American Beauty, Sport, 5.12c
Antagonism, Sport, 5.12b
Reversal Roof, Sport, 5.13a
Der Letzte Zug, Sport, 5.12c
Evolution Revolution, Sport, 5.12b
Monkey's Uncle, Sport, 5.10d
That's Weak, Sport, 5.10a
Pin Cushion, Sport, 5.11c
Standard Bulge Sit
, Boulder, V7
Le Stat, Sport, 5.12a
Mosquito Burrito, Sport, 5.9
Happy Ending, Sport, 5.10b
Lucky Strike, Sport, 5.11c (PG13)
Witch Hunt
, Boulder, V10
The Fin
, Boulder, V9
Toil and Blood
, Boulder, V8
Freedom Stand Start, Boulder, V6
Powaqqatsi, Boulder, V10
Things done changed, Boulder, V12
The Flying Beast, Sport, 5.13a
Cage Free, Boulder, V10
Respite, Sport, 5.12a
Threshold of a dream, Sport, 5.11d
Buddha Belly, Sport, 5.13a
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