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1535 boulder

We like Albarracin

Henna Mäkinen • about 4 years ago
Nice roofs & sandstone! Easy access to sectors and lots of climbing for all grades. If you're looking for a place to stay, the hotels (Hotel el Gallo, Hotel Arabia) offer nice & affordable accommodation in case you don't need anything too fancy and want to for example cook your own food on occasion. I must highlight that these two hotels are available for half the price of the local campsite lodges! A few words about the culture; it's very relaxed & openminded, but be prepared for the following: 1. Almost nobody speaks english, so learning a few words of spanish will get you far 2. If you want to eat vegetables or anything that's not sugarcoated heavily, be prepared to cook your own food 3. almost all restaurants are closed before 8pm. in Albarracin. 4. Remember to drink a lot of WATER. The tap water is not always drinkable, so buy some just in case you don't feel like taking a chance with it. And finally, don't rent a car from Goldcar and you'll be well off! :D
Henri Mattila • almost 3 years ago
The best area I´ve climbed in, lots of magic sandstone roofs.
Bendik Brinchmann • over 5 years ago
Great scenery - nice sand stone - amazing village.

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