We have just renewed our website!

over 2 years ago

As you can see, we have completely renewed our website! Thank you so much for all the feedback we have already received. According to it, about 70% of the users likes the new layout, which makes us very happy. We have also received some very valuable development ideas, which we appreciate very much.

Please keep on sending your comments (ville@27crags.com), so we can make 27 Crags even better. Our mission is to share information about climbing places and we are committed to keep on developing the site and the apps to fulfill that mission.


Timo Kaartinen Older one is better over 2 years ago
Laci Divkovic I like the new design and it feels fresh. What I miss is the option to view the news according to timeline (newest one first, oldest last and so on) and it also seems like news connected to the groups I'm member of has vanished? Is the option visited/wants to visit a crag gone? I had a list of places I wanted to visit, can't find it anywhere now :( over 2 years ago
Alexander Fallden Yeah, really miss the old newsfeed! over 2 years ago
Emil Ragnarsson I can't find "link to google maps". I need it to find the boulders. And I can't find my friends updates. Nice fresh layout but really hard to navigate with a mobile device over 2 years ago
Aaron Jones i like the layouts and how fresh it looks but the search options are not as good. the old way was better when you could categories into most or least climbs/grades/places/ etc. and also "places i like to visit" i can't find it. over 2 years ago
Johannes Samuelsson The layout is nice, however I can't seem to delete or edit climbs that are already in the database (grade and info). Am I missing something? over 2 years ago
Ville Muittari Thanks for your feedback. There are still 1000 things todo (like replying to a single comment :D ) but I needed to start something. Here's few improvements that I added today: - Feature update: Select date and year from cal - Fixed: headline is replaced when updating my settings - Fixed: grade conversion issues caused javascript crash if user used other than font gradesystem - Fixed: Grade sorting on route list does not work correctly - Feature update: Improved mobile navigation on topo pages - New feature: Toponavigation has now sector coordinates. over 2 years ago
Laci Divkovic Thank you for the updates and info! What are you comments on the news questions? over 2 years ago
Ville Muittari We will change the news feature. It will be more like social media style: following activities of crags and other climbers, sharing photos, links etc. Connections to teams and friends will not be erased. over 2 years ago
Hans Jönsson I like the looks but I miss the list of the most popular crag or site in particular region or country over 2 years ago
Ville Muittari Totally agree. Sorting by popularity and grade is coming soon. over 2 years ago
Henrikki Matilainen On the news feed, you now have to go through a persons logbook to access the route they've ticked. Unlike say on hard ticks. I would prefer both (so logbook and the route in question). over 2 years ago
Kristoffer Fredriksson Enable sorting for the to-do list would be nice. It also seems that the "Added" column currently displays when the route was added to the site (?) and not when added to my todo-list which I guess is the purpose. over 2 years ago
Karl Båth And where did friends go? I really liked being able to see what my friends had been up to :) over 2 years ago
Ville Muittari Thanks for feedback. "Friend updates" will be back little bit later. over 2 years ago
Jørgen Bryn Henriksen New layout is fresh! A couple of things; 1. Highlight lines when they are selected in the topos (not only the line number). When multiple lines are drawn on top of each other it is difficult to see which is which. 2. Enable the possibility to change the headline photo for the crags. Now it seems like it is automaticly set to the latest, regardless of its quality. 3. List of favorite crags in the profile page. This will make it easier to navigate to the favorite crags. over 2 years ago
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