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over 3 years ago

Support us now:

In June 28th 2015, we are going to launch a crowdfunding campaign in where we collect money to make the climbing application a reality. We ask you to join the campaign and help us make even better.

Here’s some features of the app:

Offline mode allows you to access topos without an internet connection

GPS features helps you navigate to the crags

The to-do list keeps your goals and projects in order

The tick tracker shows your progress on boulder, sport or trad ascents

Photo sharing helps you become the coolest climber on social media

Link to our campaign page will be published on in June 28th 2015 around 12:00 (UTC+2).

Thanks in advance!

Eyke Niklas Awesome! over 3 years ago
Jonas Brodin Great! :-) I will support you! over 3 years ago
Christoffer Malmgren Nice! over 3 years ago
Kristian Björk Grimberg iOS-exclusive (based on the images posted)? Or Android as well? over 3 years ago
Vesa Pirila Excellent! I proposed to create a Windows Phone client for 27crags 3 years ago for free, and distribute it for free. They ordered me not to do it. One reason was that they were planning to make their own. Hope this one succeeds, although it will require buying a new phone... over 3 years ago
Tsuri Kamppuri If that was 3 years ago that doesn't exactly arouse confidence. Rather makes you wonder if the site was created for the good of the community or was it something else. over 3 years ago
Ville Muittari Thanks guys. If our campaign goals are met we'll first create apps for the iPhone and Android and then for the Windows Phone. We are using our apps for good and our fingers for rock ;) over 3 years ago
Nils Winell Great! You'll have my support. over 3 years ago
Tsuri Kamppuri That came out harsh, apologies. Best of luck with the app! over 3 years ago
Some Climber According to, the two most requested features are offline versions for android and iOS respectively. The entries are from 2012 and 2010. over 3 years ago
Ville Muittari There will be Android version as well. First we start developing it for iOS. According to the user stats of, there is significantly more iPhone users than Android users. I'm using Windows Phone, but I think I need to buy iPhone or Android soon :D over 3 years ago
Costin Morariu I can create and/or help on building the Windows Phone client app for free. Drop me an message in case it's needed. over 3 years ago
Ville Muittari Thanks Costin. I think we'll make a public API if we can reach to our goal. over 3 years ago
LE :D You will only need a subscription to use the app, right? The webpage will remain free of course? over 3 years ago
Ville Muittari That's right. Everything that has been free of charge will always remain free. Subscription allows you to use 27 Crags app with full features and gives you unlimited access to Premium topo database. By contributing to our campaign we can also ensure the continued operation of this site. If we reach our goal, we will be able to hire one or two professional developers who can keep the site and apps up to date. over 3 years ago
LE :D Thanks for the reply, and good to know! over 3 years ago
Laci Divkovic Anywhere we can read about the progress? According to the time plan, android version is comming in April 2016, why is it coming so much later than the iOS one? Seems like the iOS app can be done in like three months while the android version takes around six months?! about 3 years ago
Laci Divkovic Any comments? about 3 years ago
Tomi Lindroos There was an email to all campaign donors with following message about the schedule: "The development of the 27 Crags app has taken leaps in the last two weeks. Our team has made an amazing job and we are soon ready for iOS beta testing. The app for iOS will be released in two phases: 1) In early October the app will be available on the App Store. With this version it will be crazy easy to find the most suitable climbing place for you from over 10000 crags. It will also have GPS-features that make finding the right boulder easier. 2) In December we'll release more features to the app: offline-topos, user profile and tick- / todo-list etc. What about Android users? The development of our Android app is on schedule. It will start immediately when the 2nd release of iOS app is ready. Thanks for your patience." about 3 years ago
Laci Divkovic Thank you for the information Tomi! about 3 years ago
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