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I'm a long-time user of I think it's a top service. Many thanks to Markus Bengts and many other volunteers who have made the topos of thousands of rock climbing spots easily available for climbers. Without this service, rock climbing in Finland and Sweden would be more difficult.

I am now a member of the 27 Crags volunteer team. In fact, I have worked as the company's CEO since the beginning of 2015. There is no pay for this work, and the entire 27 Crags team deserves big thanks for investing their time and their own money in serving thousands of users (like my self). I want this to change one day, so that I'd be able to hire a coder to develop the features that users have wished.

During this year, we have made progress in many things, and one of them has been updating the visual look of our service. We want to make the service a bit more modern now. Here are some samples of how our service is going to change during the summer and autumn.

Our new logo

A sketch of the visual look of our online service

A designer's view of what the long-awaited mobile app might look like

You may send comments and feedback about the new look to me at: ville _at_

Jarmo Laine Looking forward to it! over 3 years ago
Anssi Laatikainen Dude. This is GOLDEN! over 3 years ago
Jami Jäärä Been waiting for this! For a mobile app hoping for easy nearby spots finding feature! over 3 years ago
Juha Immonen fck yes! over 3 years ago
Harri Kujanpää Yes please! over 3 years ago
Liisa Korpela Looking good! over 3 years ago
Markus Muinonen thumbs up! over 3 years ago
Jaakko Kallio Yes! Nice visuals and mobile is just precious! over 3 years ago
Ville Muittari Thanks for the feedback. We have big plans but no money. Hope you can help us when the time is right. over 3 years ago
Phil Grassi Awesome job guys! over 3 years ago
Ville Muittari Awesome picture Phil! over 3 years ago
Phil Grassi ThankU so much Ville! over 3 years ago
Tuomas Peronvuo Diamonds! over 3 years ago
Kristiina Arokanto Nice! over 3 years ago
Jørgen Bryn Henriksen Looks great! Here is a suggestion: create a possibility for the users to donate sums of money for further developing of the site, so that we can get the functionalities we have been suggesting on the no longer existing feedback site. over 3 years ago
James Hunt Awesome! Looking forward to it! One feature that would be gold is if you could see yourself (gps position) on the map. over 3 years ago
Mikko Kasanen Good job! Looks amazing! over 3 years ago
Heikki Toivanen Looks really good! Do this! over 3 years ago
Pontus Fagerudd Looks nice and improvemets are always welcome but I hope 27crags will still be funktional for folks without smart devices also! :) over 3 years ago
Joel Kronander Set up a kickstarter or similar to get some money in for this? over 3 years ago
Eleonora Barco Finally! over 3 years ago
Jonas Brodin Awsome, really looking forward to it, especially the mobile app :-) over 3 years ago
Sam Ogawa Make it easy to donate, and you shall recieve. :) over 3 years ago
Anna Hassel Nice!! over 3 years ago
Ville Muittari Thanks for your support! over 3 years ago
Elina Keskisarja Oh yes, I'm in! over 3 years ago
Philip Trauth Before I donate I have a question: Can you explain the "Premium-Membership" in detail? If you use the content which is created by users and try to make money of it, it would be quite disappointing... I don't want to pay for content I added. over 3 years ago
Ville Muittari We want to encourage everyone to make free topos. That's a donation to the whole climbing community. Those topos will always remain free for everyone. If the campaign goal is met, we start doing our part and we'll make a free version of the app available. We know that our public topo database lacks the information of the best climbing places in the world. We want to have those topos available to our users. "Premium membership" includes unlimited access to premium topo database, which contains full featured high quality topos from European countries made by local climbing professionals. Our campaign goal is a lot of money, but as a professional developer, I know that it won't cover the expenses of this project by far. It will require more than a leave from our daily jobs: long days, weekends, more time and funds from our selves etc. Really we can't and won't make money with our users free content. If you donate to our project today you will help us to make 27 Crags even better. over 3 years ago
John Niklasson This is looking bad ass! Just don't get lost in all the fancy designs and graphics. Focus on keeping it easy and simple. That's always the way to go. I will donate to the app ASAP! :-) over 3 years ago
Ville Muittari Thanks John. We'll make it better than anything else on this planet! over 3 years ago
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