Oppa in Hanoi

10 months ago

Located in a French colonial-style mansion, Oppa has many unique viewing angles. One corner that international travelers with visa Vietnam love is the stairs at Oppa Coffee. Stepping on the stairs, where each level is a color that represents a group, the two sides of the wall hang the frame of the group is extremely eye-catching, novel. This is the corner that many of you choose to shoot, most tourists love.

Store neatly arranged to create spacious space with cozy warm colors create a friendly feel. The first room in Oppa with a young and romantic design. The color of the interior is very soft and delicate. Small decorative items give the owner a very meticulous selection, devoted to it. Solid wood floor with the blue of the wall in the warm yellow light, the frame of the thin white curtain and splendid chandelier brings the feeling of relaxation for the people here.

The second room has a young and modern design. It's also a blue painted wall, but it's a different color than the first room. The bright green of the new shoots grows, the sofs are also green, the white furniture is prominent and the large windows are fitted with red curtains. At the corner of the wall is a trunk with dangling motifs. In the evening, the favorite sitting corner is sitting on the balcony, sipping a drink watching the city scene from above, the cool breeze carrying the fragrance of fragrant flowers sometimes very poetic.

Oppa's third room breaks the way with lemon-yellow tones. Especially here there is no chair but only the mattress to sit stretched legs, stretched hands delight. Oppa also has an attic floor with white and white rattan furniture, colorful flower pots that are romantic and cool for nature lovers to enjoy in the air.

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