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lives in Bodo, Norway — enjoys sport, trad and boulders @ 5.12b — has visited and listed 6 crags in 1 country

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Sila in the area of Mo i Rana, Norway
Sila has perfect rock, lots of good easy and mid grade problems and a very nice wiev. It's the place where I realy started to bouldering and I was happy to get the oportunity to develope most of the problems. Sila is the place in my hearth!
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Straumvassbotn in the area of Bodø, Norway
So many nice moves on good and solid rock. Many very good climbing experiences with my best climbing friends. Used to drive 200 km each way from Mo i Rana on day trips...
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Kunna in the area of Bodø, Norway
Bente and me discovered this area traveling with the costal line, Hurtigruta. It was good to drive dovn there and find lots of perfect rock. Should say tath we found traces of chalk from locals! Lots of new stuff to do here.
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Gjerdalen in the area of Bodø, Norway
A nice place to escape on warm summer days. Very good climbing in a perfect montain setting. Lots of new stuff to do. 2010 - The boulders bellow Reinokstind has been affected by a very big rockfall. If anyone got pictures of the rockfall, pleas post it here.
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Lofoten in Norway
The beuty of the place compensate for lack of good easy problems, spread out problems and som rough rock. A good place to stay, even when the weather is bad. If you like roped climbing ther is lots of clasics.
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Mjelle in the area of Bodø, Norway
A place to bring the family and freind to do a afternoon session or a early morning training session before work. The wiev over to Lofoten can't be much better. The rock is far from perfect, but everybody like the place for it's beauty.

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