over 5 years ago

On July I published a video with some boulders from spring and early summer. There were plans to publish a similar set about rest of the season. However, not a lot got climbed nor filmed because of wet fall, but something anyway... So, may I introduce Part 2:

About the contents: routes such as 'Piru', 'Chippendale' and 'Localist' are featured. Luckily on October I had a chance to visit Pihlajasaari where Andy Gullsten was showing local boulders to visiting Frenchman Michael Fuselier. I managed to capture Andy's climbing on 'Monumentti' (8b) so you'll find beta for this route also. Note that there is now another more straightforward sequence for the very beginning of the route.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! Let's hope spring will be early and drier than the past fall.

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