Easter at Kalymnos

about 8 years ago

I've visited Kalymnos once before on June 2008. The weather was then much hotter and during the second week, it was practically impossible to try anything at your normal limit. It was proven that even a usual warm up route can turn into epic fight at 35°C.

In this sense, March-April was clearly better choice. We were lucky to have good weather during the whole two weeks. Well, maybe one rainy day, but our climbing was not limited by the weather anyway.

Once again I got convinced that this little Greek island must be among the very best venues for sports climbing. Lots of quality routes within reasonable hiking distance. Could have prepared better for the rest days with a good book though...


Arriving to Sikati cave after 40 min hike

Sikati cave

Fallen tufas erected at the bottom of the cave

Fallen tufas Sikati cave

A climber starting up 'Lolita' (7a). Can you spot him!?

An unknown climber starting up 'Lolita' (7a) at Sikati cave A climber at 'Lolita' (7a) An unknown climber on 'Lolita' (7a) at Sikati cave

A climber on 'Arugliopoulos' (7c+) at sector Odyssey

A climber on 'Arugliopoulos' (7c+)

'Lucky Luka' (7b) at Odyssey

A climber on 'Lucky Luka' (7b)

A view from sector Jurassic Park

A view from Jurassic Park

A new route in the making at Jurassic Park

New route in the making at Jurassic Park

Mandatory art photo, shot at Pothia

Mandatory artistic photo from Pothia

Local flora

Mandatory sunset photo, shot at Kantouni beach

Sunset at Kantouni beach
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