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about 7 years ago

If you want to import from you will propably need firebug or likewis in firefox since 8a seems to have added a "norighclick"-script to the page. Quite easy to workaround. Just download and install firebug, start it, click the html-pane, find the <iframe> tag for the all routes or whatever you surfed to, expand it. Right click and copy the HTML, paste that one in to the field. 27C guys could quite easily build a parser for the page in JS... If there's interest I could make a small "howto" on the firebug...

Markus Bengts Maybe you can turn off javascript when you go to 8a and then turn it on again when you have copied your ascents. about 7 years ago
Christian Mengel have I made a mistake when stuff doesn´t show up as imported immediately? I think I did everything right, disabled java, got the html code of the frame and copy/pasted far my log hasn´t show any change...mistake made? about 7 years ago
Steinar Dahl Turning off JavaScript is probably the easiest thing to do. In firefox select Tools->Options->Content and deselect the "Enable JavaScript" checkbox. When you're done you can just turn it on again. about 7 years ago
Anssi Laatikainen My import managed just fine. Happy to get it all here now. about 7 years ago
Jay Newfarm Maybe a bit off-topic now, since I'm not using neither Firefox nor Firebug. I'm trying to import, and have successfully made a LibreOffice sheet, and subsequently a csv-file. The problem is that I have lost the "ascent type (column E)" contents. What should I insert for various types? String 'onsight', etc.? almost 7 years ago
Anna Sjöman These are the options: onsight, redpoint, flash or toprope. almost 7 years ago
Jay Newfarm Thanks, this seems to work. almost 7 years ago
Patrik Josefsson doe %) ... Javascript turn off, seems WAY much easier... Only pro with firebug is the rightclick copy of the HTML. almost 7 years ago
Chris Lockyer Which field do you paste into on 27crags? I cant seem to get this to work at all! almost 6 years ago
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