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Grade Total Flash Red point Diagram
V13 0 0 0
V12 1 0 1
V11 6 0 6
V10 9 0 9
V9 13 0 13
V8 12 0 12
V7 10 0 10
V6 3 0 3
V5+ 0 0 0
V5 1 0 1
V4+ 0 0 0
V4 0 0 0
V3+ 0 0 0
V3 1 1 0
V2 1 1 0
Yearly top 10 averages
Red point
Ascent summary chart
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▼ Ascent date Route name Crag name Grade Opinion Rating FA Ascent type Details
2013-12-12 Xavier's Roof Buttermilks V11
Red point
2013-12-10 March of the Pigs Tablelands, Bishop, Ca V11
Red point
2013-12-01 Saigon Direct Buttermilks V9 V8
Red point
2013-11-26 Acid Wash Right Happy Boulders V9
Red point
2013-11-24 Toxic Avenger Happy Boulders V10
Red point
2012-09-13 The Dali SDS Mt. Evans V9 V8
Red point
2012-09-01 White fang peaks, flagstaff, AZ V7
Red point great crack system
2012-08-21 Bloody mary peaks, flagstaff, AZ V7
FA Red point crimpy and fun. in the rain
2012-08-21 Log jammin peaks, flagstaff, AZ V2
FA Flash the little scoop. pretty awkward but fun.
2012-08-21 And The Whale peaks, flagstaff, AZ V3
FA Flash best moderate up there. just as it started pouring rain.
2012-08-15 7 Minutes in Heaven peaks, flagstaff, AZ V11
FA Red point 5 days, the double stack boulder right off the trail. height was helpful.
2012-06-02 Blue's left shoe peaks, flagstaff, AZ V9
FA Red point
2012-05-21 South paw peaks, flagstaff, AZ V8
Red point
2012-04-29 Acid Wash Happy Boulders V10 V8
Red point 2nd try. 80 degrees in the tablelands is not prime conditions!
2012-03-25 Playmate of the Year Right Fork V9
Red point
2012-03-24 Lactation Station Right Fork V10
Red point
2012-03-22 Bring the Heatwole Left Fork V8
Red point
2012-03-22 Save Yourself Left Fork V8
Red point
2012-03-17 Chips New Joe's V7
Red point
2012-03-17 Planet of the Apes New Joe's V6
Red point
2012-03-17 Resident Evil New Joe's V10
Red point Oreos help?
2012-03-13 Maxipad Right Fork V6
Red point
2012-03-12 Lowtide Left Fork V6
Red point
2012-03-07 Monkey Bar Direct Kraft Boulders V8
Red point
2012-03-02 Indolence Moe's Valley V7
Red point
2012-03-02 Manboy Moe's Valley V8
Red point Almost died on the topout. about 10 mins
2012-03-02 Lindner Roof Moe's Valley V9
Red point repeat.
2012-03-02 Bazooka Tooth Moe's Valley V10
Red point great first day in utah!
2012-03-02 Gription Moe's Valley V9
Red point So freakin good
2012-03-02 Yo-Yo Boy Moe's Valley V8
Red point
2012-02-26 UGBs Middle Elden V7
FA Red point cool slab.
2012-02-26 La politica puta sd Middle Elden V5
FA Red point
2012-02-26 Stuff Shootin Grasshopper Point V8
Red point Repeat. Best in AZ
2012-02-25 Entering Betsy Middle Elden V10
Red point As good as elden gets. great dyno
2012-02-24 ??? Anvil Boulders V7
Red point
2012-02-20 The megalomaniac Skyline Boulders V8
FA Red point choss
2012-02-15 Choir Boys North Mountain V9
Red point long time coming. Last day in hueco
2012-02-02 99 Heroine Balloons East Mountain V9
Red point
2012-02-01 Full Service East Mountain V10
Red point
2012-01-30 Rudy North Mountain V7
Red point
2012-01-25 Bad Religion East Spur Maze V8
Red point 2nd go. Climbs better than new religion
2012-01-25 New Religion East Spur Maze V7
Red point 2nd go
2012-01-13 Numerical Methods Horseshoe Canyon Ranch V8
Red point
2012-01-13 Orb Weaver Horseshoe Canyon Ranch V7
Red point
2012-01-06 Kung Fu Horseshoe Canyon Ranch V8
Red point
2012-01-04 Jeff's Prow Horseshoe Canyon Ranch V9
Red point
2011-12-31 Off The Rails Cowell V10
Red point
2011-12-31 Ab Lounge Cowell V9
Red point
2011-12-30 Center Splooge Cowell V8
Red point
2011-12-05 Coccinella Fontainebleau V11 V10
Red point trav. guess on date
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