Morgan Barnes

lives in Monte Vista, CO — enjoys sport, trad, boulders and ice @ V5+ — has visited and listed 35 crags in 1 country — is a member of SLV Climbing, Bouldering in Boulder! and Hueco Valley Climbers

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Grade Total Flash Red point Diagram
V10 0 0 0
V9 3 0 3
V8 2 0 2
V7 5 0 5
V6 17 0 17
V5+ 3 0 3
V5 23 3 20
V4+ 6 2 4
V4 49 5 44
V3+ 0 0 0
V3 71 15 56
V2 54 18 36
V1+ 2 1 1
V1 55 33 22
V0+ 8 7 1
V0 69 61 8
V0- 8 8 0
VB 2 1 1
Yearly top 10 averages
Red point
Ascent summary chart
Default sort column: [date|grade]
▼ Ascent date Route name Crag name Grade Opinion Rating FA Ascent type Details
2015-11-06 Face Full of Willy (a.k.a. rub one out) Rattler Cliff V6
Red point
2015-02-08 Teazy Fleaz Direct Exit The Quarry V5 V6
2nd Red point
2014-12-12 Engine Rock Creek V6
2nd Red point
2014-11-25 Dreaming Body Boulder City V6
FA Red point Finally figured out a proper stand.
2014-04-24 3 Years Low Boulder City V6
2nd Red point
2014-04-21 Landline Rattler Cliff V6
FA Red point Done in street shoes so who knows on the grade.
2014-03-15 Bukowski The Quarry V7
Red point
2014-03-14 Masquerade (sit) The Quarry V9
FA Red point A bit dabby, but otherwise very fun.
2014-01-18 Fully Packed Lime Kiln Bouldering V4
FA Red point
2013-10-10 Rosa Rattler Cliff V8
Red point
2013-10-07 Wave Old Spanish Trail Side Boulders V6
FA Red point
2013-10-03 Tension Rattler Cliff V5
FA Red point Really enjoyed this climb.
2013-10-03 Mite Lime Kiln Bouldering V4
FA Red point I wish people who shot here would just bring targets to shoot.
2013-09-29 the Gradest Tool Rattler Cliff V3
2013-07-05 Couch Roadside Boulder V2
FA Red point
2013-05-02 Pils Green Ridge V1
FA Flash
2013-05-02 Runner Slab Green Ridge VB
FA Flash
2013-05-02 Disengenius Dyno Green Ridge V5
FA Red point The sit start on this will be in the double digits.
2013-05-02 Mexican Ladder Green Ridge V0
FA Flash
2013-04-18 Hotel Chevalier Jacob's Hill V5
2nd Red point
2013-04-01 Birthday Slab La Jara Resevoir Bouldering V4
FA Red point 2nd try. Full extension for me. I can definitely see this being tough for shorties.
2013-04-01 Birthday Dyno La Jara Resevoir Bouldering V5
Red point Fun dyno to sloper!
2013-03-21 Undeclared The Quarry V5
2nd Flash
2013-03-21 Red Lime Kill The Quarry V6
Red point
2013-03-21 The Moon and Antarctica The Quarry V6
2nd Red point
2013-03-13 The Prick Elephant Rocks V3
2nd Red point
2013-02-28 Masters of the Universe Manassa Bouldering V7
2nd Red point Great line!
2013-02-28 93 Till Infinity Manassa Bouldering V9
2nd Red point Had to fight for this. Amazing rock, fun moves.
2013-02-26 Omelette Manassa Bouldering V4
FA Red point
2013-02-26 Scrambled Eggs Manassa Bouldering V2
FA Flash
2013-02-26 Boobmatic Manassa Bouldering V4
Red point
2013-02-25 Unknown Manassa Bouldering V2
2nd Red point Did I get the first on this?
2013-02-19 Ghosts Penitente Canyon V9
Red point 3rd ascent
2013-02-18 Effrontery Tuft Side Boulders V3
FA Flash
2013-02-18 The Consequentialist Tuft Side Boulders V3
FA Red point 2nd try
2013-02-11 Boobtacular Manassa Bouldering V1
2nd Flash
2013-02-11 Alamosaurous Manassa Bouldering V5
2nd Red point
2013-02-09 El Zángano Manassa Bouldering V4
FA Red point
2013-02-09 Camel Toe Manassa Bouldering V0
FA Flash
2012-12-03 4 Better or 4 Worse Sit The Pharcyde V5
Red point Nice addition to the start!
2012-11-26 Snake Mouth New Joe's V3
Flash Such a great problem!!
2012-11-23 Electric Fence Right Fork V7 V6
Red point Fun climbing!
2012-11-08 Safeway Select Nothingville V0
FA Flash
2012-11-07 Crumble Cake Nothingville V2
FA Red point I enjoyed this, but I can't in good conscience recommend this to anyone else.
2012-11-07 Off Kilter Nothingville V1
FA Flash Different, fun.
2012-11-07 Criminal Neglect Nothingville V3
FA Red point Awesome crimps!
2012-11-02 Not my Bear to Cross The Quarry V3
Red point
2012-11-02 Baby Blue Sedan The Quarry V2
2012-11-02 Incognitive Generation The Quarry V3
FA Red point
2012-10-28 The Return The Quarry V4
FA Red point
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