Route Grade Type Crag Rating Added
6a+ Sport at Stetinden
Tried it but found the topo guide of little help. Pitch lengths were especially unhelpful. Plus I am pretty sure there were pitches missing after the crux pitch. The start of the route was quite easy to spot by aiming for the big roof above the belay spot at the end of the second pitch. The Gulfisk plate is one pitch lower than what the Narvik topo describes. One arrives at the left hand side of the plate. When leaving the belay at Gulfisk plate we took the most prominent crack line at about middle of the plate and climbed quite straight upwards. It was about N5 and 30meters. Following the crack line we found 5 bolts at the belay stance below the crux pitch. After climbing 30 meters on the crux pitch we found a fine exposed belay that we took. From there we ventured a bit left because it looked like the best option (Narvik topo guide suggests one should trend slightly to right). After the crux pitch the next cracks were dirty and flaring (for about 50 meters). We trended leftwards towards a knee-size crack. At the end of the pitch with the knee-size crack about 60 meters before the 2nd amfi there was another fine exposed belay stance. Above it we went over a small ridge to our right and ended up quite near to 8th pitch of "Sydpilaren". We could have traversed the ledge to right and join "Sydpilaren" but rather took the smaller left facing dihedrals 10-20 meters to the left of "Sydpilaren". At the next ledge about 60 meters higher one should probably traverse left ovet the arete to find the last pitch of Gulfisken.
6a+ Sport Stetinden
6b+ Mountain at Hollenderan
6b+ Mountain Hollenderan
6b+ Sport at Ersfjorden
6b+ Sport Ersfjorden
Araber flikkflak
6b Sport at Gullknausen
6b Sport Gullknausen
Giv akt!
6b Traditional at Grøtfjordklumpan
6b Traditional Grøtfjordklumpan
Christians testament
6b+ Partially... at Grøtfjordklumpan
6b+ Partially... Grøtfjordklumpan
Gje faen
6a Traditional at Grøtfjordklumpan
6a Traditional Grøtfjordklumpan 2019-08-18
Den Norske Amerikalinje
6b+ Partially... at Grøtfjordklumpan
6b+ Partially... Grøtfjordklumpan
Infinita Tristeza
7a Sport at Ersfjorden
7a Sport Ersfjorden
7a Sport at Ersfjorden
7a Sport Ersfjorden