Upper Dolpo Trekking : Challeing Hiking Experences

about 1 year ago

Behind the Himalayan Mountains surrounded by harsh weather conditions barren hills and isolated lands, there lays magical and majestic Dolpo. Dolpo might be a bit far, condition, and might be a little inhospitable. It might be windy, dry and it might be a laborious trek to reach there but the beauty of the place is mesmerizing. 

Dolpo lies in Karnali zone and with the area 7889 square km. It is the largest district of Nepal covering 5.36% of the total landmass of the country. The district borders Tibet on the north and northeast and its elevation ranges from 1525m to 7625m above sea level. A landscape of Dolpa is uncommon and when you come across at this pristine Shey Phoksundo Lake you are totally taking a back. Its location, its surrounding, its presents, its deep blue water and there’s simply no answer to its beauty, it is simply stunning. 

Phoksundo is the deepest lake in Nepal and it is the deepest lake of high altitude. Its depth is 145m or 476ft and it is located at an altitude of 3611.5 meters. Another attraction of this place is 11th century ‘Shey Gompa’. It lies at the base of Crystal Mountain. This gompa is an esteemed pilgrimage of the Buddhist. Every year hundreds of pilgrims come and make a circuit of crystal peak. Due to the harsh living conditions few people live here and not been travel in these areas. As a result the people of Dolpo are parts of a very unique and isolated culture found in specific pockets of northern Nepal. This is a land where life’s still revolves around horses, mules and yaks. People still wear tradition attire and jewellery and the remains of death body are given to the wild vulture. This sacred land carries sacred believes and even today much of Dolpo is restricted area for tourist.

Dolpo is a restricted region controlling by Nepal government and requires at least of two travellers to get special trekking permits from the immigration of Nepal. Due to its remoteness and lack of lodges only organize camping trek is possible in this region. We suggest you to travel in Dolpo with the help of local tour operators.

Trip Facts :-

Trekking days requires : Minimum 20 Days 

Trekking grade : Hard

Highest point of the trek : 5,300 meters

Best travel season : March, April, May, June, August, September, October and November.

Trekking style : Camping 

For more info and trip itineary visit Upper Dolpo Trek Itinerary 




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