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Grade Total On-sight Flash Red point Top rope Diagram
5.15b 0 0 0 0 0
5.15a 2 0 0 2 0
5.14d 10 0 0 10 0
5.14c 35 0 0 35 0
5.14b 65 1 2 62 0
5.14a 75 2 5 68 0
5.13d 73 27 12 34 0
5.13c 70 44 6 20 0
5.13b 25 23 0 2 0
5.13a 8 8 0 0 0
5.12d 0 0 0 0 0
5.12c 1 1 0 0 0
5.12b 1 1 0 0 0
Yearly top 10 averages
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Top rope
Ascent summary chart
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▼ Ascent date Route name Crag name Genre Grade Opinion Rating FA Ascent type Details
2011-12-01 Angry Birds  Pendergrass Murray Recreational Preserve Sport 5.13c
On-sight Sick adventure climb. hopefully the weather will stay OK
2011-11-26 Cuthroat Red River Gorge Sport 5.13b
Red point oh yeah
2011-11-25 Dracula Pendergrass Murray Recreational Preserve Sport 5.13b
On-sight amazing route!!! Got the sequence spot on.
2011-11-25 The Castle has Fallen  Red River Gorge Sport 5.13b
On-sight oh wow, a dihedral thing!
2011-11-25 Lost in Paradise Red River Gorge Sport 5.13b
On-sight an arete, with crazy grips... pretty SICK
2011-11-24 Beer Belly Red River Gorge Sport 5.13a
On-sight well this was great, crazy rock
2011-11-24 Easy Rider Pendergrass Murray Recreational Preserve Sport 5.13a
On-sight omg I LOVED IT
2011-11-23 Ultra-Perm Red River Gorge Sport 5.13d
On-sight HOORAY!!!!!
2011-11-17 Snooker The Motherlode Sport 5.13a
On-sight so fresh.
2011-11-05 Treblinka pour Diego Getu Sport 5.13d
On-sight Amazing face climb. Had oily about an hour to go before my bus ride to Guiyang, so I had to HUSTLE!
2011-11-05 Bip bip et coyote Getu Sport 5.13d
Flash lowered down from the other 8b at 2:42pm, launched on this one at 2:47pm, got down by 2:57pm, then ran to the BUS! Amazing last day!
2011-11-04 Lost In China  Getu Sport 5.13d
Red point Amazing route!
2011-11-04 Powder Finger Getu Sport 5.14a
Red point Punted off the finishing move for good measure, then took er down. Climbed it with bai Jou in my system after a cultural experience! WHOOADER.
2011-11-03 Polvo Tecnico Getu Sport 5.14c
Red point Amazing resistance route on crazy slopers and scoops. Would have been nice to climb the direct start, Coup de Bambu, which I tried quite a bit, but had to to settle for this. maybe next trip. HAPPY TIME!
2011-11-01 Ki Di Buzz  Getu Sport 5.13b
On-sight fun!
2011-04-16 Petes a Dick Clear Creek Canyon Sport 5.12c
On-sight pity those holds got chipped in the cave, wouldve been some sick 9a's in there!
2011-04-16 Public Solitude Clear Creek Canyon Sport 5.13b
Red point tried once a long time ago, and managed the retro flash in a confused effort. Muy placa!!!
2011-04-16 Ali Nomad Clear Creek Canyon Sport 5.14b
Red point A very sick little route!! Starts on Off the Books, then climbs out Freak with the huge move at the end. Did the bottom boulder pretty quickly, then warmed up more trying Freak, then did the link first try. Jon's vision, inspired by the spanish master ANDRADA!!!! Feels great to be on a rope again!
2010-05-19 Caña a españa Margalef Sport 5.13d
On-sight Crazy little route with a crazy placa on wierd rock after a strange roof on pockets.
2010-04-22 ?hard tech? Margalef Sport 5.13d
Red point An old project on these crazy tufas. I think its pretty hard to grade, as its more or less technical stemming, but we see what the peoples say...2nd go
2010-04-14 Open Your Mind L1+L2 Santa linya Sport 5.14c
Red point So syked! FINALLY didn't punt on this random project. WOW. , But, i wish it wasn't raining, and I wish Papichulo was dry...my oh my....
2010-04-06 Mon Dieu Oliana Sport 5.13c
On-sight Kay Bueno. De Victor!!!!
2010-04-03 De victor Oliana Sport 5.13c
On-sight was recommended by home boy andrada, he said 8a, great for warm up. i was soon saying, joder!!! great route by victor, and felt pretty desperate actually! sick line of techy crimpers.
2010-03-31 Picos Pardos  Oliana Sport 5.14a
On-sight Blokar ou MOURIR. great conditions. A real treat.
2010-03-11 La Bombi Margalef - Zona del pantano Sport 5.13d
Red point bonita, pequena, buena!
2010-03-01 Via del Quim Margalef - Zona ermita Sant Salvador Sport 5.14a
Red point wow. wow. so , so , so good. It was really fun, and i tried hard, and paid off, and i made. I probably should've tried to onsight it, but what ev,
2010-02-26 El gran blau  Oliana Sport 5.14b
Red point amazing route, perfect conditions. venga.
2010-02-13 Marroncita  Oliana Sport 5.13d
On-sight wow. super fun! Joder! one of the all time BEST routes, sick holds And definitely worth getting dialed to use the wonderful climb as a warm up for future days, as a TREAT!!!!! wooo!
2010-02-10 Humildes pa'riba  Oliana Sport 5.13c
On-sight super FUN!!!
2010-02-06 Happy hour Oliana Sport 5.13b
On-sight joder! not a fun warm up. should start in the 7a and it would be normal.
2010-02-06 Paper mullat  Oliana Sport 5.14b
Red point amazing. i like this style. fun times, fun times....
2010-01-30 Mishi Oliana Sport 5.13b
On-sight Super fun warm up
2010-01-30 Fish Eye Oliana Sport 5.14b
Red point great trainer for papichulo. Almost blew it by the last bolt, ayyyye!
2010-01-29 Random blue route? Margalef Sport 5.13c
Red point failed the first try friday...i blamed the wetness...
2010-01-22 Identifacation y placas Oliana Sport 5.14b
Red point 3rd try. I suppose I'm with Dani on this one...felt comparable to other 8c's in catalunia, no sais...Muy bonita.
2009-12-31 Bumaye Margalef Sport 5.14c
Red point Amazing climb, prefect moves, and a hard style for me. I personally think this route felt as hard as most 9a's i have climbed in the years past, but potentially its just really anti-my style. We will see what others have to say as time comes...
2009-11-25 Cubata+chupito 3 euros  Margalef Sport 5.13d
On-sight Classic.
2009-10-22 El Fustigador Margalef Sport 5.13c
On-sight humid.
2009-10-14 Chocholoco Carros Sport 5.14d
Red point resistant climbing on positive holds and slopers, mostly mini tufas and underclings. very cool style, lots of compression. tried it over a few days with really bad conditions, heat and humidity, and on the first day with cool weather, it went first try.
2009-10-03 Abyss Gorges du Loup Sport 5.14d
Red point an example of the classic condition war. tried it the first time when it was almost dry, and then it just started seeping and getting more wet and gross everyday. in total it took 8 tries, with all 5 wet holds, and heinous humid clouds of vapor from the sea, definitely making things more difficult. I love when you don't think you can climb something due to conditions, and you somehow rise above, and end up at the chains. Priceless. a wonderful climb, with technical tufa moves, especially as its one of the only natural climbs at the crag.
2009-09-28 Cascade Gorges du Loup Sport 5.13b
On-sight very fun!
2009-09-14 Déversé satanique Gorges du Loup Sport 5.13c
On-sight the classic intro
2009-09-01 Le jour 19 aout Céüse Sport 5.14a
On-sight world class route, potentially The best route in the world I have climbed for the grade! a beautiful blue sheer wave of rock with incredible structure! The route is an adventure, almost 80m long, and took almost 2 hours to complete, exhausting! Seems much much much harder then any 8b in ceuse, thus I feel the grade could be apropriate.
2009-08-30 L'arcademicien Céüse Sport 5.14b
Red point Incredible face climbing on tiny structures. Would be great for onsight :) Very syked to climb this route despite the less then perfect conditions for mini grips.
2009-08-27 Syndrome Albatros Céüse Sport 5.13c
Flash Amazing route at an amazing sector. about 65 meters if you climb it all in one pitch. Some of the best rock in all of ceuse, and a bit runout, to add some spice!
2009-08-23 Radote joli pépère Céüse Sport 5.13d
Red point tried to onsight it once a 7 years ago, and did it first try this year. nice route on classic ceuse stone.
2009-08-23 La Part du Diable Céüse Sport 5.14c
Red point Well, very cool for me to be back in the game after the hellish ankle/foot/leg accident! Three months later, I can finally climb on lead, and thus can finally climb some routes for real. This route is much harder then all 8c's in ceuse, and consensus seems to be 8c+. Beautiful climb, with a heinous pocket crux at the end. Shit conditions!
2009-01-17 Los ultimos vampiros hippies Margalef Sport 5.14b
Flash Defiantly a unique experience, the upper part of the route was wet, thus creating a brand new upper crux, only footholds were dry, thus a brilliant momentary variation born. amazed I didn't punt, and content it wasn't frigid and heinous, but sunny.
2009-01-15 Sin Domesticar Margalef - Zona del pantano Sport 5.14c
Red point Well, an amazing climb, reminds me of the ali hulk cave in rodellar, but with lots of bolts and a cool blue margalef style ending on bad pockets. Due to the incredibly bad weather, it was always all wet, and very cold, thus a quite miserable five tries to actually send,
2009-01-08 El ball del triceps  Margalef Sport 5.13d
On-sight Amazing blue streak, pocket climbing, kinda ceuse meets frankenjura. 1 degree celcius, hellish, freezing, incredibly painful experiance. we must the weather be so fucked???
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