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Grade Total On-sight Flash Red point Top rope Diagram
5.15b 0 0 0 0 0
5.15a 2 0 0 2 0
5.14d 10 0 0 10 0
5.14c 35 0 0 35 0
5.14b 70 1 2 67 0
5.14a 105 2 5 97 1
5.13d 152 27 12 113 0
5.13c 195 44 8 143 0
5.13b 150 23 18 109 0
5.13a 47 8 14 25 0
5.12d 21 0 9 12 0
5.12c 4 1 0 3 0
5.12b 1 1 0 0 0
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▼ Ascent date Route name Crag name Genre Grade Opinion Rating FA Ascent type Details
2011-12-31 Memory is Parallax Elkland Boulder V14
FA Red point The incredible "nickis" project. Took me a considerable amount of effort in between a couple voyages, and had to stick to it in some gnarly conditions. Amazing climbing with drop knees, smears, and small crimps. Looks kinda like Stained Glass, but its much bigger! SYKED!!!
2011-12-01 Angry Birds  Pendergrass Murray Recreational Preserve Sport 5.13c
On-sight Sick adventure climb. hopefully the weather will stay OK
2011-11-26 Cuthroat Red River Gorge Sport 5.13b
Red point oh yeah
2011-11-25 Dracula Pendergrass Murray Recreational Preserve Sport 5.13b
On-sight amazing route!!! Got the sequence spot on.
2011-11-25 The Castle has Fallen  Red River Gorge Sport 5.13b
On-sight oh wow, a dihedral thing!
2011-11-25 Lost in Paradise Red River Gorge Sport 5.13b
On-sight an arete, with crazy grips... pretty SICK
2011-11-24 Beer Belly Red River Gorge Sport 5.13a
On-sight well this was great, crazy rock
2011-11-24 Easy Rider Pendergrass Murray Recreational Preserve Sport 5.13a
On-sight omg I LOVED IT
2011-11-23 Ultra-Perm Red River Gorge Sport 5.13d
On-sight HOORAY!!!!!
2011-11-17 Snooker The Motherlode Sport 5.13a
On-sight so fresh.
2011-11-05 Treblinka pour Diego Getu Sport 5.13d
On-sight Amazing face climb. Had oily about an hour to go before my bus ride to Guiyang, so I had to HUSTLE!
2011-11-05 Bip bip et coyote Getu Sport 5.13d
Flash lowered down from the other 8b at 2:42pm, launched on this one at 2:47pm, got down by 2:57pm, then ran to the BUS! Amazing last day!
2011-11-04 Lost In China  Getu Sport 5.13d
Red point Amazing route!
2011-11-04 Powder Finger Getu Sport 5.14a
Red point Punted off the finishing move for good measure, then took er down. Climbed it with bai Jou in my system after a cultural experience! WHOOADER.
2011-11-03 Polvo Tecnico Getu Sport 5.14c
Red point Amazing resistance route on crazy slopers and scoops. Would have been nice to climb the direct start, Coup de Bambu, which I tried quite a bit, but had to to settle for this. maybe next trip. HAPPY TIME!
2011-11-01 Ki Di Buzz  Getu Sport 5.13b
On-sight fun!
2011-10-18 The Ice Knife Guanella Pass Boulder V15
Red point A majestic prow, jutting out of the forest on a northeast facing slope. A very technical compression climb, and extra conditony. Took me eleven days over two seasons, and it was a huge relief to final climb it. Difficult to grade, but one of the more challenging problems I have tried in a very long time, so we will see.
2011-10-13 Mind Matters Guanella Pass Boulder V12
Red point Pretty sick wall. We didn't have that many pads. It was scary. Good sesh with Phil.
2011-10-12 Chewbacca Endovalley Boulder V11
Red point well. I finally figured it out. Muy DUHHH.
2011-10-11 Double Dutchez Guanella Pass Boulder V12
Red point amazing rock, super cool moves, hope I didn't use some retarded beta.
2011-10-08 The Honeymilker Eldorado Canyon Boulder V11
Red point well it was not easy, but Phil and I took it DOWN.
2011-09-18 Black #1  Right Fork Boulder V12
Red point Great climb up a black wall, with a bad pocket. quick little sesh with the homies.
2011-09-16 Radiant Barn Canyon Boulder V12
Red point Really cool compression problem Isaac Caldiero showed me. Super fun. With the jet lag.
2011-09-14 Tunnel Vision Buandik Boulder V11
Red point Climbed it alone. Majestic last-day-in-Australia moment. Extra spicy with no spot. SICK rock.
2011-09-13 Dead Heat Ground Control Caves Boulder V11
Flash amazing day, amazing light, great way to end a trip.
2011-09-13 Ammagamma The Citadel Boulder V13
Red point Very tricky for me. Ultra classic. Had to keep my foot on for the big move. Took me 3 days.
2011-09-13 Occam's Razor Buandik Boulder V14
Red point 2nd ascent, about ten seconds after Nalle sent for the FA! Amazing freak-problem, with two completely different methods possible. The problem climbs an orange and blue streaked prow, positioned on a precipice over-looking incredible scenery.
2011-09-12 Cherry Picking Buandik Boulder V13
Red point 2nd ascent. Potentially one of the best problems on earth? as well might be the best problem I have ever stumbled upon on a hike? One of my all time favorites. Big moves, through perfect grips, on a tall block. Seemingly shaped by a diety.
2011-09-11 Sleepy Hollow Hollow Mountain Cave Boulder V12
Red point Wow. Cool climb. It was heinous in the start, and once I found the master beta, with help of Saxon, it all clicked.
2011-08-30 Mana Project Wall Boulder V13
Red point Really cool wall climb, awkward start however. Thought it would take longer, but it just kinda happened quick!
2011-08-27 Etch-a-sketch Andersens Boulder V11
Flash quite a scary finish. but it was OK for the KROO.
2011-08-26 Lost For Life Citadel Boulder V12
Red point Wow. SO sick. With the top out. First hold is sharp.
2011-08-26 On The Beach Trackside Boulder V13
Red point An amazing bloc sitting on a cool ledge, below the Taipan wall. A heinous foot swing, followed by a tricky knee bar, leads to a sick top out in no fall terrain. CLASSIC.
2011-08-23 Dead Can't Dance Hollow Mountain Cave Boulder V11
Red point I thought this was kinda heinous. Wack heel hook. Ethan's beta is better.
2011-08-21 The Viking Citadel Boulder V10
Red point hard. I was sick.
2011-08-18 Gripmaster Kindergarten Boulder V10
Flash so fresh
2011-08-18 So You think you can dance Kindergarten Boulder V11
Flash well it was sick. especially the rock.
2011-08-18 Point and Shoot Kindergarten Boulder V11
Red point sick lurp moves.
2011-08-13 Parallel lines Project Wall Boulder V11
Red point Sick highball climb, dubbed the aid project, crazy dyno moves finishes the game, after compression climbing on cracks! KAY BUENO!
2011-08-13 Big Buck Hunter Between the Sheeps Boulder V12
Red point Well it was dry. So we did it. In the rain. I was sick. HAPPY TIMES!
2011-06-06 Honey Badger Lincoln Lake, Mt. Evans Boulder V11
Flash sick problem!
2011-06-06 There Is No Was Lincoln Lake, Mt. Evans Boulder V11
Red point Sick tension move a heel. Very nice Jamie!
2011-06-01 The Hidden Shores Mt. Evans Boulder V11
Flash weird problem. very nice move off a sloper, and slightly reminiscent of big golden AND atresie!
2011-05-03 Extra Alienated Endovalley Boulder V9
Red point very fun problem, with a pinch and a heel hook.
2011-05-03 Glow in the Dark Estrellas  Endovalley Boulder V14
Red point WOW. sick new zone, sick new problem. Pure compression. I am not sure if it is 8b+ for everyone...if you are shorter, it may be impossible, yet if you are taller, it could become more 8b or 8a+ even? At 2 meters? That said, its certainly a morphological problem, but is certainly more difficult then the Big Worm in Mt. Evans, for my height. The crux move is at my full extension, and is followed by a terrible toe-hook match, which is extra cabron. SYKED.
2011-04-19 The Amendment  Boulder Canyon Boulder V10
Red point hmmm, couldve tried harder my first attempt...fun little thing!
2011-04-16 Petes a Dick Clear Creek Canyon Sport 5.12c
On-sight pity those holds got chipped in the cave, wouldve been some sick 9a's in there!
2011-04-16 Public Solitude Clear Creek Canyon Sport 5.13b
Red point tried once a long time ago, and managed the retro flash in a confused effort. Muy placa!!!
2011-04-16 Ali Nomad Clear Creek Canyon Sport 5.14b
Red point A very sick little route!! Starts on Off the Books, then climbs out Freak with the huge move at the end. Did the bottom boulder pretty quickly, then warmed up more trying Freak, then did the link first try. Jon's vision, inspired by the spanish master ANDRADA!!!! Feels great to be on a rope again!
2011-04-16 Off the Books Clear Creek Canyon Boulder V11
Red point Fun boulder problem. Start to Ali Nomad!
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