Route Grade Type Crag Rating Added
7b+ Sport at Spielberg
With Tiom.
7b+ Sport Spielberg 2019-08-05
Project Babylon
? Sport at Grimma
My baby.
? Sport Grimma 2019-08-05
Project Mythos
? Boulder at Riveufer
Hard at the end. Far to the big sloper-jug.
? Boulder Riveufer 2019-08-08
Knast ohne Rast
6B+ Boulder at Riveufer
For some meantime.
6B+ Boulder Riveufer
Father and son
7c Sport at Pod Škalo
Toehook in the beginning. Morpho in the upper part, switch to undercling.
7c Sport Pod Škalo 2019-08-11
Project Bundespräsident
? Boulder at Riveufer
Maybe abseiling first. I think not possible without a dyno to the final jug.
? Boulder Riveufer 2019-08-12
Project Long Beach
? Boulder at Riveufer
Crux: To get into the sideholds of "Finale Längure".
? Boulder Riveufer 2019-08-12
Varianta Slavčeve
7c Sport at Lutne skale
7c/+. Dynamically to a lefthanded sidehold (the deeper one), then right foot up and dynamically to the jug. In series a far move with the left and an heelhook in the near of the right hand.
7c Sport Lutne skale 2019-08-12
Project Olympia
? Boulder at Riveufer
Very small footsteps and crimps. Has Gerald already done it?
? Boulder Riveufer 2019-08-13
The big edge left
6A Boulder at Riveufer
Sd possible? Grade?
6A Boulder Riveufer 2019-08-14
Project The big edge right
? Boulder at Riveufer
Nice edge, but maybe it's better to clean the edge with the ladder before.
? Boulder Riveufer 2019-08-14
Project Gipfelbier Sd
? Boulder at Talstraße
Feet both left (left high on a good foothold and right lower on a little edge). Crimp with the right hand. Powerful and far... .
? Boulder Talstraße 2019-08-16
7B+ Boulder at Langenstein
Kurts new boulder. Maybe harder, we will see. Video-Beta!
7B+ Boulder Langenstein
7A+ Boulder at Langenstein
Fat Dyno. On the recommendation of Kurt.z
7A+ Boulder Langenstein
Das letzte Hemd hat keine Taschen
7A Boulder at Langenstein
Moral boulder. On the recommendation of Kurt.
7A Boulder Langenstein
Project Der Spiegel
? Boulder at Krosigker Bruch
Two seconds in the wall and a movement up, yet. Full power on the left crimp. The upper part is still to clean.
? Boulder Krosigker Bruch 2019-08-20