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Saguache Boulders (location missing)
Great rock, but there aren't as many boulders as fins and the like. It is one of the only areas of literal granite in the San Luis Valley.
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Boulder City in the area of La Jara, USA
Redneck Heaven! Y'all come on by!
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The Rock Garden in the area of Del Norte, USA
Amazing rock, a lot of good and great problems and rarely other soles arounds
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Elephant Rocks in the area of Del Norte, USA
Although this area is 90% choss the other 10% is really good. There is patina that so thick and amazing and potential for hard problems.
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Witches Canyon in the area of Del Norte, USA
Witches canyon is becoming a shit hole! Shit yeah! It has become over-run, over camped, and over driven. Please respect this great location or stay the FUCK out!
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Lime Kiln in the area of Del Norte, USA
Typical top out is the flat mesa top. There's rock for a few feet, then desert with very few trees. Be prepared to lead, follow and walk off.
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Penitente Canyon in the area of Del Norte, USA
if it's not too hot, Peni is the best crag in the Valley. Brian got here late and there are a limited number of his routes in here, so the good stuff got done right.

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