over 6 years ago

It's amazing how much can change so quickly! Last time I wrote a blog I talked about going to Japan and Turkey and now I am in the USA about to leave for Fontainebleau, France- completely unexpected! I will be joining my boyfriend Paul, our old friends Daniel and Courtney, and new friends Andy, Gu and Martina! The trip is only for a few weeks and then Paul and I will go out west to Red Rocks, NV then Hueco Tanks, TX, then Portugal, then Spain, then South Africa. At this point, anything could change, but I hope the current plan holds because I think it's a great one!

I found us all a big place in Recloses. I have not seen it yet but the rest of the crew arrived last night and say it is great.

I will be posting photos and videos to my personal blog throughout my trip so check it out!

We will be making climbing movies and exploring all over so if you are in any of these areas and want to meet up and climb, post a comment here or on my blog!

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